• Izzy Heras' 2014 Where Art Meets Fashion Collection

    Passionate is the state of being in which one finds oneself when deeply inspired. Many spend a lifetime searching for a purpose which engenders such feelings of zeal and enthusiasm. We are considered lucky if we find one passion, but to have two, well that is serendipity. Chicago's Izzy Heras qualifies as such a charmed individual. She feels passionate about both graphic design and fashion design and has created a collection that celebrates both.

    According to Heras, "This collection is my coming out collection, where I truly represent who I am as a designer." While it is common to choose only one challenging and time-consumer major in college, Heras chose two -- double majoring in fashion design and graphic design at Dominican University. "As a graphic and fashion design student, I was able to get a taste of both the fashion world and the art world. Although both worlds have similarities, they also have differences."

    As fashion design is rather ubiquitous, the answer to what it is, is commonly understood. As for graphic design, well that may not be as clear. According to AIGA, the professional association for design, graphic design is a complex combination of images wrought through an applied and ancient art that when successfully achieved portrays a distinctive, exuberant, surprising, subversive or deeply memorable result. Simply put, it is the art of symbolically visualizing ideas.

    Wanting to express these differing arts, Heras struggled to realize their unification. " I labored to find a way to satisfy both passions in my work while striking a balance. The main theme in my work is in finding the balance between my passions and satisfying them to the fullest."

    According to Heras, "I fully express myself in this collection. I chose colors that represent my brand and myself -- beige, mint green and peach. I hand painted some of the garments using a graphic-like style with linear and geometric shapes. I make collages with magazines onto muslin fabric and I incorporated all of this art into the collection."

    Izzy Heras' 2014 Where Art Meets Fashion Collection may be experienced at The Fashion Market's Spring Fashion Event, part of Chicago's Spring Fashion Week.