• Modart di Flavia Pinello: Italian fashion renaissance in Chicago

    Throughout the middle ages and the Renaissance, Italy was the center of the fashion universe. Italian fashion was the benchmark for ‘what to wear’ among royals throughout Europe. The 20th century brought renewal and revived enthusiasm for Italian tailoring. American film and movie stars fueled international interest in Italian fashion. The ‘Made in Italy’ moniker became synonymous with the finest in craftsmanship and a true mark of style.

    The love affair continues. This century finds eyes gazing toward Italian fashion again, as a major exhibit at Briton’s Victoria & Albert Museum in London (now through July 2014) -- “The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014” -- examines and celebrates Italian designers’ enormous influence on fashion the world over. Not surprising that this art museum would feature Italian fashion so prominently, as art and design have always been at the heart of Italian fashion. But Britons are not alone in enjoying a visit from Italian fashion this year.

    This season, Flavia Pinello, one of Sicily’s emerging couture artist, has chosen to make her first US appearance in Chicago. The name of her collection, Modart di Flavia Pinello, is a blend of the words ‘moda’ (fashion) and ‘art’. According to Pinello, her collection is best defined as “the unique embrace of high fashion and art which form a synergy that enhances the beauty of women. Each garment, as created, is similar to an individual work of art -- unique and unrepeatable.”

    In 2013, Pinello opened her first Atelier Modart di Flavia Pinello in Palermo and began a collaboration with notable Sicilian painter K. Barbante, to create hand painted dresses. The elegance and simplicity of Pinello’s style has secured her place on the Palermo fashion circuit, having recently seen her designs parade on the catwalks in the most prestigious events and fashion shows in Sicily.

    Pinello’s style is characterized by very astute attention to detail and definition. “In any [of my ] dresses, you can see the study of the cuts and fabrics used to make it, each of them is specially designed to make it unique.” According to Pinello, “when you think of a woman who is romantic and modern, sophisticated and resourceful, elegant and fashionable, she is the Pinello woman. She is my muse.”

    Modart di Flavia Pinello results in a style described in fashion reviews as the ‘Renewal of Minimal Chic’. Pinello’s arrival may well signal the beginnings of a new, emerging fashion renaissance. Modart di Flavia Pinello can be found in Chicago at The Fashion Market.