• Fashion Film Festival Chicago announces 2014 honorees

    Fashion film is a rapidly developing category of filmmaking. Emerging and established designers and filmmakers are creatively cooperating to produce dream-like, experimental, dramatic, edgy, beautiful or deeply inspiring film. It is a short form that carries enormous impact and enthusiasm.

    The Fashion Film Festival Chicago (FFFC) is an annual festival and competition which aims to celebrate the beauty and art of fashion as captured through the filmmakers' lens. This week, FFFC announced its selection of winners from a healthy array of submissions that reflect the bold cross section encompassed by this expanding art. The honorees are as follows:

    First place - Coupe d'Or - went to "Blackened Wings" by Josh Brandao. According to Brandao, his film was inspired by the greek legend of the Phoenix. It is set in a "place in Soviet/Military world, Blackened Wings tells the tale of a young boy fighting to overcome bullying and oppression. The film showcases a collection of accessories and fashion artifacts by London College Of Fashion Graduate Chiara Pavan, as well as pieces by Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, amongst others."

    Second place - Médaille d'Argent - went to "DUO", a fashion film by Bruno Carvalho. According to Carvalho, the film is set "in a place where light abounds but the color seems to be nonexistent, there are two unrelated characters who only know that in that world they need each other to bring a little more color to that location. Over the course of his experiments (which are visible in the "circuits" of their garments) they gain more and more color until they reach their peak and can finally leave."

    Third place - Médaille de Bronze - went to "Control", a fashion film by Umeokafor Kenechukwu. This short fashion film showcases a few pieces from designer Ifeanyi Nwune's Control collection.

    The two films receiving honorable mention were "Harmony" by Hayley MacFarlane and "Océano" by Alejandro Melero. The other category winners this year were the "Essence of Fashion" award which went to "Her Forgotten Act" by Jaime Schirmer, and the "Conscience of Fashion" award which was picked up by Glen MacKay's "See Me Now".

    The winners' submissions will be screened during fall fashion week and on FFFC media sources. Select winners also receive additional prizes. Fashion Film Festival Chicago accepts submissions from February 1st through June 1st each year after-which the selection committee and jury view and vote for stand-outs from among a healthy group of submissions. Visit FFFC for more information on the annual festival and to enjoy the winning selections.