• Ian Hargrove's AgainstAllOdds, fashion encapsulated

    Ian Hargrove's AgainstAllOdds, fashion encapsulated

    The idea of creating a few select, indispensable items of clothing that stand the test of time, are completely interchangeable, and are the perfect combination of practicality and style -- is what is known as a capsule collection.

    The capsule wardrobe is a celebrated UK designer tool and a concept that was utilized by Donna Karan when she launched her very first collection. The decision to begin your career by creating a collection which transcends season, fad, and whim; maximizes the number of looks that can be created from a few essential pieces; and does so with flair is also the way that Chicago's Ian Hargrove began his career in fashion design. Hargrove is the creative energy behind AgainstAllOdds, a contemporary women's wear brand founded in 2012.

    Hargrove's interest in fashion design evolved from a strong interest in art into an interest in sketching and creating illustrations. From there he took classes in garment construction and draping, but admits that he owes "the large part of my design and construction ability to trial and error and hands-on experience" in fashion design.

    Since the launch of AAO, he and his creative partner Erin DuFour have designed and produced two capsule collections and and will debut their first full collection this October in Chicago's Fall Fashion Week.

    Hargrove and DuFour's excitement about this new collection is evident in their tone. "The silhouettes are simple, construction rigorous in its detail, and a great mix of chic and cool," Hargrove declares.

    The collection is a stunning and captivating celebration of white for spring. According to Hargrove, AAO's S/S '15 collection is "loosely based on a picture of an albino peacock. The bird's feathers in white look ethereal and frosty like spun snow. It started with that picture and before we knew it we were pulling images of everything white we could think of -- snow drifts, sugar, dried flowers, egg shells, resulting in what the obvious palate came to be."

    The S/S '15 collection boasts of crisp white separates -- stunning pencil skirts with purfled edges, white v-neck cropped tops, high waisted-mini skirts, subtle and delicate dresses that go from day to evening without hesitation. There is a jacket that is cool yet elegant when paired with the sleek cropped pant that confesses its classic tailoring.

    This collection is a logical extension of AAO's early, classic pieces, suggesting the continuation of the theme of the capsuled collection with seasonal options for expansion. Look for this luxurious ready-to-wear experience on the runway at The Fashion Market's Fashion Week runway event.