• Ellie Day Collection: Inspired Reinvention

    We first met Ellie Day with the launch of her fall 2012 collection, which drew inspiration from her muse Betsey Johnson. That collection was steeped in color and the influences of Aztecan art. Three seasons and three children later, Day -- while still inspired by Betsey Johnson, has found the realities of family life and the need for multifunction have substantially greater influence on her design perspective.

    “As a mom of three, I need clothing for special events -- showers, birthdays, company Christmas parties; clothes that can play hard and still look cute.” A close look at the collection and its direction was in order. “My production team and I looked at each silhouette to see where we could improve the quality and hand finishings of these garments -- keeping our customers lives in mind.  Each garment was really examined with an eye towards expanding it's versatility. . . things like detachable collars, belting options, layering [were all considered].”

    Moderate reconstruction began with the expansion of the available sizes. “We worked on the fit and sizing of the collection.  The collection is now offered in 0-16 and I will make custom alterations and sizing as needed”, offered Day. This broadening was followed by Day’s balancing the collection. “While dresses are the mainstay of the collection, because of their ease in dressing, I am now offering a pant, jacket/layering piece, and coat.  I think it's important to show day to evening styling options for the dresses within the collection,” concludes Day.

    The amplification doesn’t end there. The collection’s strong commitment to versatility begs its graceful entrance into the elegance of bridal. An over arching request of the modern bride has been the desire for this traditional gown to serve more than one purpose. “I've started taking some of my favorite dress silhouettes and offering the bridal world a new take on wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.  The wedding dresses I'm making I lovingly call ‘the anti-ballgown’. I want to create fun frocks that are almost not wedding dresses; something that could, with the right styling, maybe be worn out to dinner for an anniversary; mini versions of high fashion confections”, says Day.

    Spring Fashion Week is also the primary season for launching new bridal collections. Much like the ready-to-wear and couture collections, the bridal designers take this opportunity to introduce new ideas to bridal fashion -- from reinvented necklines, cutting edge embellishments, trendy fabrications, and new color introductions, to capes and convertible skirts. Day brings her vision and ‘versatility’ to bridal fashion too. “I am offering prints and solids that brides can choose to customize in many ways with flowers and other embellishments. It is all done on a small scale so they have that individual attention.  Everything will be made to order.  And the sizing is also the same as the collection 0-16, but we will not be limited by those numbers; we are eager to accommodate today’s woman, wherever she finds herself.”   This compelling collection can be enjoyed on the runway at The Fashion Market’s Spring Fashion Event.